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Much of Jessie Walsh-Rosenstock's work bears grand slogans and bombastic mottos... exploring the power of words strung together with pomp and importance. She touts influence by artists like Holzer and Kruger in her creation of the "Princess Fancypants" line. While their chosen milieu are those of monument, billboard, marquee or mass-produced sinage, Ms. Walsh-Rosenstock ingeniously brings (or sends in the mail as the case may be,) the message home - an intimate experience - the one-to-one/message to recipient ratio afforded by jewelry.
The "Princess Fancypants" line also boasts clever use of the postal service as an active participant in your heart-felt message to that special someone. "I really enjoyed the time we spent together in the bathroom" - would be a flattering nugget of sincere expression in any form, but to be recieved on a beautifully hand cut and stamped copper postcard is nothing short of heaven.